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About Us:

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams


Wayne Reed:

It is always interesting to learn about people, their background and how they have ended up where they are. I started life as an Electrician but soon moved into IT, firstly as a main frame engineer then, on moving from NZ to Australia, as business owner supplying computer systems to Private hospitals and Pharmacies.

In 2003 I decided that it was time for a change so joined a camera club. It was through the club that I developed a serious interest in photography and, after winning many competitions, decided to sell my work. In the 10 years since I have used my skills, imagination and racing background to capture the essence of racing in its infinite detail and provide a learning platform for many riders.

Why Motorsport? I got my first competition licence in the mid seventies and I have been in competing enthusiastically ever since. My personal experience includes circuit racing, rallying (including a Targa NZ, 2 Around Australia events and 3 Sliver Fern rallies in NZ). Local events include hillclimbs and the Australian Hillclimb championships. Capturing motorsport action on film was a natural progression.

Ansell Admas also said that making a good photograph is knowing where to stand. As an experienced competitor, I know what sort of photos I want of my car and why the captured angles give me greater insight into my performance. This is an aspect of my photography that is not easily replicated.



"Osella Photographics have been a huge help to me since I started motorcycle roadracing. Wayne's understanding of motorsport and of photography is uncanny. His work has been an integral and indispensable part of the learning process for me at Morgan Park Raceway. Thanks Wayne!" - Michael Webb.

"The rise of affordable Digital SLR cameras have made it easy for people to take pictures, unfortunately the skill, talent, experience and artistic flair to take beautiful images can not be bought.

Osella Photographics provide beautiful images in demanding circumstances, at a realistic cost for a difficult and always cash-strapped clientele! The value for money is second to none and the images are beyond reproach.

Photography is the act of capturing moments in time, you only get one shot, so go straight to the professional and don't wait for the inevitable disappointment when you get amateur photos from an amateur photographer." - Paul Dawson

"Many years of fantastic service ,absolute 100% quality work & always a smile & a friendly word. I would recommend you to any & all. Great work Wayne & always a prompt & pleasurable experience." - Mick Train

Greg Ackland (Vic) Formula Libre up 1300 cc Hillclimb Champion: "Wayne's photo CD was the best $50 I ever spent on photos, as I could analyse and improve my car's handling."

"Thanks Wayne! 
Once again AMAZING photos! I encourage anybody that is looking for unbelievably first class photos, not to hesitate to see Wayne at Osella Photographics, you will go a long way to find better images, better angles and Wayne is also a absolute pleasure to deal with.
Thanks again for all of your help and support out there, we really do appreciate your tireless efforts and commitment to your art and all of us riders - through rain, hail and sweltering sun." - Holley Stoll

"Osella photographic have always taken my pics on the track and have always been very happy with the quality and quantity of photos taken. Wayne is a great guy to deal with and always happy to answer any questions or take photos on certain corners when asked, without hesitation. Wayne's quality and attention to detail has been the best out of all the track day photography companies I have tried. I would recommend Osella Photography to anyone that wants high quality digital prints of their track day or racing." - Sean Oeser

"I have many great images of my VK Commodore taken at various state championship events, but also the best shots of my bike from Osella Photographics. Thanks Wayne. 

Even though we did have that little crash together at QR! Lol" - Stuart Brown

"Osella Photographics has been one of Motocycle Sportsmen' s most loyal supporters for well over 10 years. He provides the club and our riders with some of the best racing shots ever seen. A true sportsman and a great gentleman." - Sheralyn McGlinchey

"One of the great parts of every Trackday and race day is checking out what shots Wayne has captured. I have got some smashing photos from Wayne over the years that I love to look back on from time to time. He happens to be an awesome guy too." - Brian Cuddihy

"I have some great pictures of the MG at Mt Cotton hillclimb taken by Wayne. In fact I just realized that the photo that I use here (Facebook) is by Wayne. I have a stack of stuff on my walls by Wayne, but nothing current because he has stopped working the hill, bugger! Not that I am hinting or anything so obvious." - Peter Andrews

"Your the best, Mate." - Wayne Nolan